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Operating cost advantage and low failure rate: Due to the use of advanced hydraulic systems and good methods, the operating failure rate can be reduced to a low level.Setting requirements: For construction electric elevators that operate in multiple shifts the handover system should be implemented, and drivers should fill out the handover record form according to the standard requirements. The driver should conduct a pre shift inspection and confirm that there are no errors before starting the machine for operation.Forry,PoleThe use of a lifting platform as a tool for storing performance blankets, soft scenery, etc. In some theaters,ForryGroseto, there is a soft scenery storage lifting platform located at an appropriate location on the stage for the storage of blankets, etc.Battaramulla,Low level doors should be equipped with interlocking devices that can verify their closed and locked positions. The action of this interlocking device should be at the entrance of the cage. Simple use should not interfere with the operation of the interlocking device. The attached wall bracket should use matching standard products. When the wall bracket cannot meet the requirements of the construction site,ForryFanatic, it should be designed separately. The design of the wall bracket should meet the requirements of component stiffness, strength, stability, etc., and the production should meet the design requirements.For customers to use and operate the lifting platform for a long time, the editor briefly introduces how to maintain and repair the lifting platform: First of all, especially if any damage or malfunction is detected and corrected or repaired in a timely manner. Careful inspection and maintenance at this time can save costs and avoid larger problems, resulting in costly repairs.The function of the lifting platform in a theater is roughly as follows: the main lifting platform arranged in the main performance area of the stage is mainly used to quickly change the scenery. Typically, with&quo; Product; In the music and dance theater stage arranged in a zigzag pattern, the lifting platform, side car platform, and rear car turntable perform a rapid transformation of the entire or partial scene. This arrangement allows for rapid switching of three full sets.

ForryFrankfurt am MainHow should we choose when buying

Setting requirements: The guide rail should be rigid and flexible components such as wire ropes or chains should not be used.A lifting platform with specifications ranging in height from meter to meters.The scissor type electric elevator is a widely used high-altitude operation special equipment. Its scissor mechanical structure ensures high stability of the lifting platform, wide working platform, and high bearing capacity, making the high-altitude operation range wider and suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes high-altitude operation more efficient and saferInspection environment,Before operating the construction electric elevator, routine inspections should be carried out according to regulations and inspection records should be filled out.In addition to ground protective fences, low level doors can be used. Low level doors should meet the following requirements: the height of the door should be between m and m. And there should be at least protective railings,ForryKoning, a half height middle crossbar and a toe board at least mm above the ground.Speed limiter. To prevent the driving speed from exceeding the normal speed. A speedometer should be installed (not required for floors below or including the second floor), family dormitories, and

ForryFrankfurt am MainHow should we choose when buying

Human improper operation is the main factor causing malfunctions in scissor type electric elevators. When stacking goods, electric elevators should stack the goods neatly, which is better than stacking them in the center of the cargo stacking area of the cargo elevator to avoid imbalance between the two ends of the stacking area. Eventually during the operation of the electric elevator, it may cause the electric elevator to lose balance. After the goods are stacked completely, ropes should be used to lock the goods, so that they are not afraid of the goods during the lifting process; Careless; Scattered downTest conclusion,Construction electric elevators should be equipped with cable guide frames and comply with regulatory requirements.The isolation and buffering rubber in various parts of the aluminum alloy electric elevator drive device are intact and tightly fitted.The distance between the electric hoist and overhead line in Electrical safety construction shall meet the specification requirements, otherwise protective measures shall be taken.Forry,Setting requirements: The guide rail should be rigid and flexible components such as wire ropes or chains should not be used.Manual pump: When the system malfunctions, the manual pump can be operated to pump high-pressure oil to raise the car to the nearest floor positionDrainage measures need to be considered around the foundation. (Drain the accumulated water on the foundation).

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