YaoduElectric pillar elevatorExcellent quality
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Setting requirements: The landing door should be standardized and tooled.Pipeline rupture valve: When the hydraulic system pipeline ruptures and the car stalls and descends, it can automatically cut off the oil circuit and stop descentYaodu,And prevent it from starting normally. There should be no device that allows users to cancel warning signals.For customers to use and operate the lifting platform for a long time, normal maintenance is mainly focused on prevention, especially if any damage or malfunction is detected and corrected or repaired in a timely manner. Careful inspection and maintenance at this time can save costs and avoid larger problems,When a rigid mm square or circular flat surface is applied with a normal force of N to either side of the door, the door may not meet the above requirements,YaoduFour wheel electric elevator, but safety should be maintained.Setting requirements: The layout and installation of all cables and wiring of electric elevators should be able to prevent mechanical damage.Remind customers that there are still many areas to pay attention to when maintaining and maintaining the lifting platform. We also hope that customers and friends can pay more attention when using it to ensure the safety of personnel and property,YaoduDescent machine, regularly maintain and extend its service life, and create greater benefits for the enterprise. What is the matching degree of electric elevators? Everyone has always been confused. In short, the matching degree of electric elevators is how the height of the electric elevator can be combined with the operating height. Electric elevators are not used frequently, so we must make it clear based on the actual operating height and actual load capacity when using electric elevators. If the frequency is too high, We suggest considering purchasing a guide rail electric elevator or a scissor fork electric elevator. The scissor fork electric elevator can achieve a maximum load capacity of tons, which effectively solves the problem of load capacity. If the frequency of use is too high and the height is relatively high, we recommend using a guide rail electric elevator. This type of electric elevator is not easy to malfunction under high-frequency operation, By solving the load capacity and frequency of use, the matching problem of electric elevators is effectively solved. Concept of electric elevator rotary valve: The electric elevator rotary valve is a type of valve that quickly opens and closes, and the rotary valve can reduce oil pipeline channels and optimize line settings.

YaoduElectric pillar elevatorExcellent quality

Setting requirements: Drainage measures should be set up for the foundation of construction electric elevators to ensure smooth drainage.When adding hydraulic oil, we can extend the oil cylinder to the high position for filling. When filling, the lifting platform should not exceed the high position, and maintain it between the two.During the use period, the user unit should organize professional technical personnel to inspect the construction electric elevator monthly according to the standard requirements, and record the inspection results.Installation materials,Secondly, the lifting platform is driven by electrical energy and lifted by the hydraulic system. During operation, it is necessary to avoid irregular operations. To ensure the normal and orderly operation of the lifting platform and achieve the ideal unloading level, timely inspection of various functions is essential.After the electric elevator passes the inspection, the user unit shall organize the leasing unit, installation unit, and supervision unit to conduct acceptance. For the implementation of construction general contracting,YaoduCurved arm electric elevator, the acceptance shall be organized by the construction general contracting unit. The acceptance form should be signed by the relevant responsible person.The wall bracket of the construction electric elevator should be intact and reliably fixed, and its attachment distance, wall bracket spacing, and end height must comply with the requirements of the 'User Manual'. The angle between the plane of the wall bracket and the normal direction of the attachment surface should not exceed degrees;. When the attachment device does not meet the requirements of the 'User Manual' due to conditions, its calculation sheet, design, and production materials should be confirmed by the manufacturer or reviewed by the technical leader of the installation unit, and verified by experts.

YaoduElectric pillar elevatorExcellent quality

From the above comparison, it can be seen that hydraulic electric lifting mechanisms have stable lifting, low noise, long service life, large load bearing capacity, and are relatively simple, making them suitable for use in stage equipment.Supply chain quality management,To meet the needs of stage craftsmanship and layout; Product; In the music and dance theater stage arranged in a zigzag pattern, auxiliary lifting platforms are often arranged in front, and right of the main stage lifting platform. The side and rear auxiliary lifting platforms are used for the smooth opening of the side platform and rear vehicle turntable left, while the front auxiliary lifting platform is used to place the rear vehicle turntable near the platform entrance. The leveling and lifting platform below the side platform and rear vehicle turntable can be used to level the platform after the side platform or rear vehicle turntable is driven out so that the entire platform does not have a height difference, wide working platform ensuring the safety of the cast members.The occurrence of.The scissor type electric elevator is a widely used high-altitude operation special equipment. Its scissor mechanical structure ensures high stability of the lifting platform, and high bearing capacity, making the high-altitude operation range wider and suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes high-altitude operation more efficient and saferYaodu,Mechanical devices controlled by cage movement should not be used to open or close the landing door.During loading and unloading, the horizontal distance between the edge of the cage door and the edge of the landing station should not exceed mm.Advantages of electric elevator rotary valve: Simplify the installation of electric elevator pipelines; The operation is more convenient, and the valve can be opened and closed at any time; The installation of a rotary valve reduces the friction of the sealing components; Compact structure, small size, and space saving; Increased the service life of electric elevator pipelines and solved the problem of easy oil leakage.

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