Hamburg HaburgAutomatic elevator electric smallHow to achieve the desired efficiency
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When a rigid mm square or circular flat surface is applied with a normal force of N to either side of the door, the door may not meet the above requirements, but safety should be maintained.When the wall bracket adopts non matching standard products, design calculations should be carried out.Hamburg Haburg,Hamburg HaburgElectric tricycle hydraulic elevator,Non automatic reset upper and lower limit switches should be installed at both the upper and lower ends of the stroke, which should be able to cut off the power supply before the suspension cage and other mechanical stop devices (such as buffers),With the continuous improvement of urbanization level in China, the number of high-rise buildings in urban areas has sharply increased, in order to meet the needs of the domestic market and the public,Hamburg HaburgElectric elevator, efforts will inevitably be made to design and produce high-altitude lifting platform vehicles.Gdynia,Many theaters use a lifting platform as a vertical transportation tool for goods. The rear of the main stage or the end of the side stage in many theaters are equipped with a set container transportation lifting platform, which is used to vertically transport items from the ground to a designated location or even the stage plane. The lifting platform of the music pool is often used for transporting movable seats, etc.Safety grounding device. In order to protect against electrical equipment. The metal casing of electrical equipment and the metal structure of electric elevators should be equipped with a safety grounding device. The grounding wire should operate multiple wires, and the neutral wire should not be arbitrarily held as a safety grounding wire. Its grounding resistance should not exceed ohms; The power supply of the electric elevator can be cut off.Setting requirements: The spacing of wall brackets along the vertical direction should comply with the provisions of the user manual.

Hamburg HaburgAutomatic elevator electric smallHow to achieve the desired efficiency

Braking. The brake limit switch for partial motion control of the electric hoist traction machine. Assembly that restricts the operation of the lift car when it is opened to a high or low position; If the limit switch controls the overtravel switch. When the car travels to a high or low position, it will take on the function of raising or lowering. In order to prevent the lift car from crashing or sinking, stage equipment should be dismantled with over travel switches that can cut off power and cannot be automatically reset, and installed in the machine room, rather than in the shaft; A buffer should be installed that can absorb the energy of the moving mechanism and reduce impact.Setting requirements: Construction electric elevators should be equipped with up travel (limit) switches.The setting of the cable guide frame should comply with the user manual and regulatory requirements.Promise and keep promise,Steel wire ropes, and counterweight steel wire ropes shall comply with the following regulations: the characteristics of steel wire ropes shall comply with the requirements of General Purpose Steel Wire Ropes GB/T; Maintenance, wear, deformation, and corrosion of steel wire ropesPrinciple of electric elevator rotary valve: When the electric elevator rises, the rotary valve will automatically open. To close the plug valve, it is necessary to first turn the handle to turn the plug to a degree position until it is closed, and then turn the transmission handwheel to lower the plug and achieve sealing.The foundation base or embedded parts should be fully embedded in the concrete foundation plate.

Hamburg HaburgAutomatic elevator electric smallHow to achieve the desired efficiency

After the electric elevator passes the inspection, the user unit shall organize the leasing unit, installation unit and supervision unit to conduct acceptance. For the implementation of construction general contracting, the acceptance shall be organized by the construction general contracting unit. The acceptance form should be signed by the relevant responsible person.Equipment maintenance,From the above comparison, it can be seen that hydraulic electric lifting mechanisms have stable lifting, low noise, long service life, large load bearing capacity, and are relatively simple, making them suitable for use in stage equipment.In addition to fixed modes there are also types of car mounted mobile devices. As the name suggests, and of course, it is better to use it. For example there are such lifting devices in airports, and car stations or sports stadiums may also be equipped with such devices, as they can be moved, So the scope of the operation is not limited to a specific place, when installing outdoor advertisements, some advertisements are relatively high in height. At this time, mobile lifting equipment can be used to transport billboards or staff to the designated height for work. This type of equipment can also be divided into two types based on the driving mode: hydraulic lifting and electric lifting. The so-called hydraulic lifting is the use of hydraulic oil to drive and reach a specified height. The electric mode is driven by a motor or teeth to lift to a certain height. However, currently, hydraulic lifting platforms are more widely used.Pipeline rupture valve: When the hydraulic system pipeline ruptures and the car stalls and descends, it can automatically cut off the oil circuit and stop descentHamburg Haburg,The spacing between wall brackets and the height of guide rails above the high attachment point should comply with the requirements of the user manual.Vertical lead screw electric lifting mechanism: Adopting a lead screw transmission method, it can achieve the lifting of a double-layer tabletop. Multiple lifting platforms can be formed as needed, and different steps can be formed within the travel range to meet the needs of meetings and performances; Pavilion, Terrace, Tower, Pavilion; Ideal props.Monthly maintenance and inspection of hydraulic lifting platform rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings, oil cylinder pin shafts and bearings, boom hinge shafts and bearings for wear. Add some oil to each part to extend the service life of the lifting platform bearings. The quality and level of hydraulic oil. The lifting platform should be raised throughout the entire process, and at this position, the hydraulic ground should be - millimeters higher than the bottom of the box. If the hydraulic oil becomes dark sticky, or has foreign objects such as gravel, it should be replaced in a timely manner ( # hydraulic oil). Annual maintenance and inspection of all hydraulic pipelines and joints of the lifting platform. The pipeline must not be damaged, and the joints must not be loose. All joints must be tightened. Remove and disassemble the lowering valve of the lifting platform, blow out the plunger with compressed air, then install it and reinstall it. Drain and discard the hydraulic oil, tighten the joint,Hamburg Haburg2 meter micro electric lifting platform, remove the oil filter, clean it with compressed air, and then return it to the oil tank and connect the pipeline.

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