HaHu Ge WenWhat problems should be paid attention to during operation
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When the wall bracket cannot meet the requirements of the construction site, it should be designed and calculated separately.Setting requirements: The quality of the standard section should meet the requirements of the product manual. Before installing the construction electric elevator, all components should be inspected, and standard sections and other components with severe wear and deformation should be replaced.Ha,HaDeng Laohai,When adding hydraulic oil it is also necessary to pay attention to the structure of the oil cylinder. Some oil cylinders are relatively complex internally, and how many lifting operations need to be carried out during filling to fully fill each position of the hydraulic oil. Therefore, when filling, try to add as much as possible, and then test and run the machine empty to see if it reaches the rated position.Before installation, the installation unit should confirm that the foundation, foundation bearing capacity, embedded parts, concealed engineering acceptance form, and concrete strength report.Sajir,To meet the needs of choreographers and choreographers in different plays, different heights of the lifting platform can be used to change the shape of the stage according to the requirements of the choreographers and choreographers, in order to adapt to the requirements of the plot for the scenery or venue, and save manpower and material resources for setting up. By using the tilting device of the lifting platform to form a tilted platform, a better highlighting effect can be achieved in various performances. According to the needs of the plot, special atmosphere and effects can be created. Even simple stage machinery often participates in performance activities, creating unexpected atmosphere and effects according to the needs of the plot. For example, using the low-speed descent of the lifting platform to represent a sunken ship in the sea, using the valves on the lifting platform and the sudden disappearance and appearance of actors on the lifting platform.Setting requirements: The landing door should be standardized and tooled.The advantages and disadvantages of several commonly used electric lifting mechanisms are as follows: hydraulic electric lifting mechanisms: using hydraulic technology, smooth lifting and low noise.

HaHu Ge WenWhat problems should be paid attention to during operation

Electric elevators used in various places.The safety overtravel of limit switches and upper limit switches should comply with regulatory requirements.News Abstract: The development of the lifting platform industry will continue to grow in recent years! With the continuous development of electric lifting machinery for high-altitude operations in recent years, the products of electric lifting platform vehicles have been continuously improved, and various new technologies and materials have emerged, making the further development of lifting platform vehicles possible.Inspection basis,The function of the lifting platform in a theater is roughly as follows: the main lifting platform arranged in the main performance area of the stage is mainly used to quickly change the scenery. Typically, with&quo; Product; In the music and dance theater stage arranged in a zigzag pattern, the lifting platform, side car platform, and rear car turntable perform a rapid transformation of the entire or partial scene. This arrangement allows for rapid switching of three full sets.Remind customers that there are still many areas to pay attention to when maintaining and maintaining the lifting platform. We also hope that customers and friends can pay more attention when using it to ensure the safety of personnel and property, regularly maintain and extend its service life,HaUpatar, and create greater benefits for the enterprise. What is the matching degree of electric elevators? Everyone has always been confused. In short, the matching degree of electric elevators is how the height of the electric elevator can be combined with the operating height. Electric elevators are not used frequently, so we must make it clear based on the actual operating height and actual load capacity when using electric elevators. If the frequency is too high, We suggest considering purchasing a guide rail electric elevator or a scissor fork electric elevator. The scissor fork electric elevator can achieve a maximum load capacity of tons, we recommend using a guide rail electric elevator. This type of electric elevator is not easy to malfunction under high-frequency operation, By solving the load capacity and frequency of use, the matching problem of electric elevators is effectively solved. Concept of electric elevator rotary valve: The electric elevator rotary valve is a type of valve that quickly opens and closes, and the rotary valve can reduce oil pipeline channels and optimize line settings.Safety performance: Electric elevators not only have the safety device of traditional traction elevators, but also have an overflow valve to prevent excessive system pressure during upward movement

HaHu Ge WenWhat problems should be paid attention to during operation

The foundation production and acceptance of electric elevators for foundation construction should comply with the user manual and regulatory requirements.Total quality assurance,The foundation production and acceptance of electric elevators for foundation construction should comply with the user manual and regulatory requirements.When charging it is necessary to charge it in a timely manner. When the equipment is used for about months (according to the actual frequency of use), it is necessary to add grease to the rotating parts once; Regularly inspect the working status of the pin shaft of the fully self-propelled electric elevator every month,HaCangzhou, and if any pin shaft is foundThe motor of the hydraulic guide rail lifting platform is set around the wellbore, occupying a relatively small area, improving the utilization rate of the wellbore area.Ha,After the electric elevator passes the inspection, the user unit shall organize the leasing unit, installation unit, and supervision unit to conduct acceptance. For the implementation of construction general contracting, but also have an overflow valve to prevent excessive system pressure during upward movementThe list of materials for making landing doors is as follows: Table : List of materials for making landing doors. Landing doors should be installed at the entrance of each landing station and the landing doors should function properly.

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