polandJinzhongPrecautions for use
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The landing door should meet the requirements of the specifications and achieve standardization.To meet the needs of choreographers and choreographers in different plays, different heights of the lifting platform can be used to change the shape of the stage according to the requirements of the choreographers and choreographers, in order to adapt to the requirements of the plot for the scenery or venue, and save manpower and material resources for setting up. By using the tilting device of the lifting platform to form a tilted platform, a better highlighting effect can be achieved in various performances. According to the needs of the plot, special atmosphere and effects can be created. Even simple stage machinery often participates in performance activities, creating unexpected atmosphere and effects according to the needs of the plot. For example, using the low-speed descent of the lifting platform to represent a sunken ship in the sea, using the valves on the lifting platform and the sudden disappearance and appearance of actors on the lifting platform.poland,In addition, when adding hydraulic oil, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the hydraulic oil, as some hydraulic oil manufacturers will choose hydraulic oil with poor quality. Hydraulic oil such as hydraulic lifting platforms not only cannot have any effect on folding arm elevators but also affects the working efficiency of folding arm electric elevators due to deterioration issues.Principle of electric elevator rotary valve: When the electric elevator rises, the rotary valve will automatically open. To close the plug valve, it is necessary to first turn the handle to turn the plug to a degree position until it is closed, and then turn the transmission handwheel to lower the plug and achieve sealing.Bure,The verticality of the guide rail frame should meet the requirements of the specifications.Setting requirements: The verticality deviation of the installation of the guide rail frame of the construction electric elevator should comply with the requirements of the user manual and specifications,polandZdunskavora, as specified in the above table.Construction electric elevators should be equipped with cable guide frames and comply with regulatory requirements.

polandJinzhongPrecautions for use

The angle between the wall bracket and the horizontal plane should comply with the requirements of the user manual.The occurrence of.Manual pump: When the system malfunctions, the manual pump can be operated to pump high-pressure oil to raise the car to the nearest floor positionHow many?,Drivers of construction electric elevators should hold special construction operations and are not allowed to operate without a certificate.Electric elevators used in various places.During loading and unloading,Human improper operation is the main factor causing malfunctions in scissor type electric elevators. When stacking goods, electric elevators should stack the goods neatly, during the operation of the electric elevator, ropes should be used to lock the goods, so that they are not afraid of the goods during the lifting process; Careless; Scattered downPlatform.Setting requirements: The layout and installation of all cables and wiring of electric elevators should be able to prevent mechanical damage.poland,According to the needs of different performance genres, the form of the stage can be changed. For example, using an orchestra pit lift can combine a framed stage with a large lip or even an extended stage. In an experimental theater, using a lift can make the theater have various forms such as an end stage,polandTampa , an extended stage, an island stage, an intermediate stage a T-shaped stage, or a hall.Setting requirements: The installation and dismantling workers, electricians, and other operators of construction electric elevators should have special construction operations.During the use period, the user unit should organize professional technical personnel to inspect the construction electric elevator monthly according to the standard requirements, and record the inspection results.

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