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hydraulic mechanism, electric mechanism and supporting mechanism. The hydraulic oil is under a certain pressure formed by the vane pump and enters the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder through the oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, throttle valve, and balance valve, so that the upward movement of the hydraulic cylinder can lift heavy objects , The oil returned from the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve,ClevelandSmall cargo elevator, and the rated pressure relief valve is adjusted,ClevelandGuide rail hydraulic lifting cargo elevator, and the pressure gauge reads the pressure gauge.What types of lifts are there? There are many types of this equipment, for example, it can be divided into fixed lifting devices and vehicle-mounted lifting devices according to the form of movement. The so-called fixed lifting means that it is generally installed in one place and fixed, and then the lifting operation can be carried out. This type of lifting equipment is generally used more on the assembly line. Some large-scale production lines need to move the material when loading materials. Lifting to a certain position, and then putting it into the production line for production, a special lifting device is required to be fixed at a certain position of the production line.Cleveland,It is necessary to bandage and replace the damaged part in time. The elevator is a kind of hydraulic elevator, also known as the guide rail hydraulic elevator, which is suitable for the transportation of goods higher than buildings, restaurants and hotel floors. Next, Lipusheng Machinery will introduce to you the daily maintenance of the elevator.After the goods are transported, clean up the debris on the platform.Atbasar,The last thing to note is that, compared with the lifting platforms in some places, protective fences are generally added on the platforms. Since the lifting platforms are special equipment, the National Quality Inspection Bureau is very strict on this piece of inspection. All must be dismantled, so when the personnel ask you if you want to add a guardrail, don't blindly refuse and consider whether it is necessary according to the site of use. In addition, Transformation and Maintenance License' to produce you must have the 'People's Republic of Special Equipment Manufacturing License' and the 'People's Republic of Special Equipment Installation, install, and maintain. Therefore, you must ask whether the manufacturer has these two certificates.Pay attention to check whether there are any broken wires and loose strands in the wire ropes of each part. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately. The maintenance of the wire rope should be strictly in accordance with regulations.Brake operators of various mechanisms on the equipment should regularly check and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel to ensure flexibility and reliability. Long-term promotion of freight elevator factory, old brand, price advantage, quality guaranteed!

ClevelandHigh performance elevatorFocus on industry

What is the new price of fixed lifts? Fixed lifts are currently very popular in the market. Due to different manufacturers, different materials, different rated loads, and different brand awareness, the prices are also different. The current price of fixed lifts produced in the domestic market: rated load - tons, height of meters, table size mm *mm, the price is about - yuan; the rated load is - tons, the height is meters, the table size is mm*mm, the price is about yuan. Rated load, lift height, table size of each fixed liftDifferent. (Specific bearing capacity and rising height can be customized according to user requirements)The uniquely designed 'I' steel frame can bear the pressure on an average basis, effectively reducing the torsion of the frame and making it more durable.The safety device and application of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform The use of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform The guide rail hydraulic lifting platform is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting freight elevator. It is used for goods between different floors of industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, etc. The low height can be made to -mm. The advantage is that it can be placed directly on the ground without digging pits, reducing engineering construction costs, and there is no need to set up hanging points on the top, which is safe. Reliable; the hydraulic lifting platform adopts hydraulic transmission mode, and can be non-calibrated according to customer needsSeveral types: Motor winding open circuit. When one of the motor windings is disconnected, or one of the parallel branches is disconnected, the three-phase current will be unbalanced and the motor will overheat.Quality risk,When installing, dismantling and adjusting the slewing mechanism, care should be taken to ensure that the centerline of the slewing mechanism reducer is parallel to the centerline of the gear, the meshing surface is not less than %, and the meshing clearance is suitable.What are the maintenance rules for hydraulic lift machinery? The brakes of each mechanism should be checked frequently and the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel should be adjusted to ensure flexibility and reliability. There should be no dirt on the friction surface, and if there is dirt, it must be washed off with gasoline or thinner.Many customers think that the operating power supply of the hydraulic lifting platform is below the safe voltage of V and there will be no electric shock. They are wrong. Normally, there will be no electric shock,ClevelandSimple lifting cargo elevator table, it will still be very dangerous. So how can we effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents? Today, the editor will share safety knowledge with you.

ClevelandHigh performance elevatorFocus on industry

As for the guide rail elevator installed outdoors it is often exposed to rain and sunlight, so special attention should be paid to regular maintenance and inspection to avoid accidents.Price,The hydraulic lifting platform can be divided into: four-wheel mobile type, two-wheel traction type, car modified type, auxiliary self-propelled type, and the lifting height ranges from a meter to s meter.Integrity of the overall structure Check whether the overall structure is deformed and whether important parts are damaged, especially the load-bearing poles and chains.Guide rail lift (also known as freight elevator) is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting platform, which is mainly used in industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, warehouses, docks, workshops and other places that need to move goods vertically between high-rise buildings above the second floor. The low height is especially suitable for sites where the site is not suitable for digging pits. What problems do we need to pay attention to in these places where elevators are used?Cleveland,Hydraulic system: mainly oil cylinders, Japanese NOK seals, oil pipelines, gear pumps, solenoid valves, etc. The Japanese NOK seal used in the oil cylinder has good wear resistance, which ensures that the oil cylinder series will not leak oil for a long time. The gear pump pumps the oil in the oil tank into the oil circuit and enters the oil cylinder, thereby driving the top of the rod and raising the equipment; The valve is used to adjust the oil output, the ascending and descending speed, and contains an emergency descending device to ensure that the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform can descend safely in case of an emergency.What is the new price of a fixed lift? Professionally improve the quality assurance of the freight elevator factory. The preferential activities are in progress, and new and old customers are welcome to come to consult.Nowadays, small and medium-sized enterprises are holding products with the idea of ​​good quality and favorable price.

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