ParisSt. Louis Use and characteristics
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it can ensure that the equipment does not tilt during operation. Gear and rack electric lifting mechanism: precise transmission and high cost.The verticality of the guide rail frame should meet the requirements of the specifications.Paris

Chain type electric lifting mechanism: With a good guiding mechanism,Check the starter potential when the lifting table is not raised or the voltage is too low when the motor load is working. Voltage hydraulic range allowed&Emergency manual valve: In case of power failure,Implementing multiple shifts of homework should fill in and submit records according to regulations.For customers to use and operate the lifting platform for a long time, the editor briefly introduces how to maintain and repair the lifting platform: First of all, normal maintenance is mainly focused on prevention, especially if any damage or malfunction is detected and corrected or repaired in a timely manner. Careful inspection and maintenance at this time can save costs and avoid larger problems, resulting in costly repairs.Speed limit wire rope switch. When the speed limit wire rope trips or breaks. Make the electric elevator unable to start.

ParisSt. Louis Use and characteristics

The spacing between wall brackets and the height of guide rails above the high attachment point should comply with the requirements of the user manual.And the decoration team is also using aluminum alloy electric elevators. What safety considerations should we consider during the use process? Many manufacturers have not clearly indicated it. Today,ParisLi Shi, the mechanical editor will talk to you about aluminum alloysThe connection method and angle between the wall bracket and the building structure should comply with the requirements of the user,The quality of the standard section should comply with the product manual and specification requirements.Principle of electric elevator rotary valve: When the electric elevator rises, the rotary valve will automatically open. To close the plug valve, it is necessary to first turn the handle to turn the plug to a degree position until it is closed, and then turn the transmission handwheel to lower the plug and achieve sealing.It is reported that a fixed electric elevator has good lifting stability and can only be used for fixed operations, making high-altitude operations easier

ParisSt. Louis Use and characteristics

The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve and the return oil from the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the balance valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve, and explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve. To ensure a smooth descent of heavy objects and safe and reliable braking, a balance valve is installed on the return oil circuit to balance the circuit and maintain pressure,ParisGrenoble, so that the descent speed does not change due to heavy objects. The throttle valve regulates the flow rate and the ascending and descending cost,Later,ParisShuangluan, when there is a major malfunction of the lifting platform, it should be repaired by professional personnel as soon as possible. After the malfunction occurs, it should not be used again to avoid accidents, personnel and property losses.Setting requirements: Buffers should be installed below the suspension cage and counterweight running channel.The distance between the electric hoist and overhead line in Electrical safety construction shall meet the specification requirements, otherwise protective measures shall be taken.Paris,Setting requirements: The spacing of wall brackets along the vertical direction should comply with the provisions of the user manual.Safety grounding device. In order to protect against electrical equipment. The metal casing of electrical equipment and the metal structure of electric elevators should be equipped with a safety grounding device. The grounding wire should operate multiple wires, it is driven by the pressure generated by its own weight, greatly saving energy and reducing consumption.

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