San Rafael50lacrimal ductProduct features
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In limestone area, the punching is not good, and it is difficult to sink the reinforcement cage. When the grouting pipe is deformed and blocked by unconventional means the pipe is blocked due to the workers&#; carelessness and falling into small concrete blocks. The deformation and blockage of the grouting pipe bring great difficulties to the detection work, and even can not be detected. Therefore, when the grouting pipe is found blocked after the foundation pile is poured and before the inspection, there are three methods for passing the pipe: stabbing the grouting pipe with thick and long reinforcement, flushing and pigging with high-pressure water, and using a drill with a small drill to clean the hole.The following aspects shall be paid attention to during the construction of grouting pipe: when the construction personnel are binding reinforcement and erecting formwork, reliable fixation measures must be taken for the buried grouting pipe to avoid displacement during concrete pouring and ensure the correct position of the grouting pipe in the concrete. When fixing the grouting pipe, and the body part shall not be damaged. The grouting pipe shall be fixed according to the construction specifications required by the design. The common fixing methods are: using additional reinforcement; Fixed with special fixtures; Fix with lead wire and formwork. No matter what fixing method is adopted, the grouting pipe must be positioned accurately, without damaging the effective part of the grouting pipe so as to facilitate concrete pouring and tamping. During the construction of the grouting pipe, so when pouring, vibrating and positioning the grouting pipe, attention should be paid to the impact force of pouring and vibrating, so as to avoid piercing the grouting pipe due to excessive force.?San Rafael, Classified according to the grout materials used for grouting Cement grouting: the grout materials are mainly cement, which can be processed and formed many times, providing convenience for hot melting and electrofusion connection of pipes.Murgab,However, not all grouting pipe products can achieve this effect. Some inferior grouting pipe products not only fail to achieve the expected effect in use, but also have problems such as low grouting efficiency, pipe burst and pipe bending, which seriously affect the grouting effect of the grouting pipe and the progress of the whole project. The quality of grouting effect comes from the selection of high-quality grouting pipe products. Shengpeng grouting pipe is a good choice for you to choose grouting pipe products because of its high strength, awesome, simple connection and high cost performance! Grouting pipe the grouting pipe is a kind of geosynthetic material formed by ultrasonic welding, which is composed of a steel plastic composite reinforced belt (built-in high-strength carbon spring steel wire (stress material) and wrapped with polyethylene resin (protective material) and arranged at right angles to the plane longitude and latitude. It is a comprehensive product of existing rigid reinforcement (flat steel strip, ribbed steel strip, galvanized steel strip, stainless steel strip, reinforced concrete strip, etc.) and flexible reinforcement (polypropylene strip, warp knitted grouting pipe, etc.). Because of its high tensile strength,San RafaelLeading small conduit42, low elongation (≤ %), small creep, and strong interlocking and occlusive effect on the soil, it can effectively treat the soft soil foundation, restrict the lateral displacement of the soil, overcome the uneven settlement of the soil, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation and improve the overall performance of the foundation; It can be widely used in road engineering railway engineering, retaining structure, dam engineering, water conservancy engineering and tunnel engineering; It has remarkable safeguard effect and good social and economic benefits against rutting and pavement cracking.How heavy is a grouting pipe? Sometimes the grouting pipe is overlaid on the two sides of the horseshoe surface. Adjust the cooperation specifications of the grouting pipe at the distribution nozzle. How to avoid grout leakage during installation of grouting pipe?

San Rafael50lacrimal ductProduct features

The grouting pipe shall be cut with a toothless saw (grinding wheel clamp). Cutting by electric or gas welding is easy to damage the surrounding surface and cause local heating at the end, which significantly reduces its performance. During the use of the grouting pipe, it is forbidden to take any form of heating deformation measures to avoid reducing the mechanical properties of the grouting pipe.Introduction to the advantages of grouting pipe: Simple installation, complete supply; The grouting pipe can be cut at the construction site according to the actual required length of the joint (it is recommended that the longer grouting outlet length should not exceed m); No special installation equipment is required; Grouting time can be arbitrarily selected; When grouting is carried out internally under proper pressure, the grouting pipe fluid can keep filling the whole pipe evenly; The system allows grouting under relatively low pressure; The grouting pressure is .-.mpa; The installation will not affect the characteristics of the building grouting pipe; The installation or grouting process will not harm the concrete; Permanent sealing can be ensured after grouting; If there is no leakage, grouting is not allowed. The grouting pipe is used as the pipe for grouting at the bottom of the pile. The test shows that the bearing capacity of the cast-in-place pile treated with the pile bottom grouting can be greatly improved At the same time, the grouting pipe can also be used as the pipe for the defect washing and grouting treatment of the accident pile. At this time, it is necessary to take measures to punch the pipe at the defect position where grouting is required. The classification of the grouting pipe can be divided into three categories according to the pipe materials: the advantages of steel pipe steel pipe are that it is easy to install, and it can be welded on the reinforcement frame by electric welding, which can replace part of the reinforcement section, and because of the large rigidity of the steel pipe After embedding, many large-diameter cast-in-place piles use steel as the grouting pipe. However, the price of steel pipe is relatively expensive: steel corrugated pipe steel corrugated pipe is a better grouting pipe material. It has the characteristics of thin pipe wall, less steel, impermeability, pressure resistance, high strength and good flexibility. It is usually used for post tensioning reserved holes in prestressed structures: when used as grouting pipe. It can be directly bound to the reinforcement framework soil, and the joint can be connected with a larger corrugated sleeve. Since the bellows is light, it is very convenient to operate, but attention should be paid to keeping its axis straight during installation.Fair price,The longitudinal overlapping width of grouting pipe and grouting pipe shall not be less than cm, and the transverse overlapping width shall not be less than cm. The former shall be placed on the latter according to the asphalt paving direction. After laying the glass fiber grouting pipe, fix the glass fiber grouting pipe with high-quality cement nails and fixed iron sheets with a size of mm, mm and a thickness of .mm. The fixed spacing can be determined according to the actual construction situation. The small editor of the grouting pipe reminds everyone that there should be no rust, water and other impurities when using the prestressed machinery. The working clip can be used after removing the foam in the packing box, and the grouting pipe should be properly kept. However, when the prestressed tendon is long and the grouting pipe needs to be tensioned repeatedly, it is suggested that a small amount of lubricant (e.g. anchor pulling spirit) be applied to the tapered hole of the anchor plate by the prestressed machine, which is not only conducive to the follow-up and anchor pulling of the working clip, but also conducive to the multiple grouting of the grouting pipe; Apply lubricant on the outer surface of the tool clip and the inner and outer surfaces of the taper hole of the anchor plate before use, and regularly remove the debris on the clip surface to make the anchor flexible. However, when the clip is cracked or the tooth surface is damaged, it needs to be replaced and can not be used again.In the construction of some grouting pipes, after the completion of the construction of the project, because some construction personnel did not take protective measures after the completion of the grouting pipes, the project was damaged due to some external factors. In order to help users effectively improve the construction quality of the grouting pipes, the following article introduces the protective measures that should be taken after the completion of the construction of the waterproof layer of the grouting pipes. For various engineering designs, waterproof and water stop shall be carried out throughout the whole process of grouting pipe until the backfilling soil is completed.

San Rafael50lacrimal ductProduct features

The overhead type is a special rack installed at the bottom of the driving head and connected with the wellhead tensioning, Glass fiber grouting pipe is a semi-rigid product made of glass fiber as raw material, high-strength alkali free glass fiber through a certain warp knitting process and fiber filament coated on both sides.Pre detection can be carried out. If there is no leakage, grouting can not be carried out. After the two pipes are connected by using the deformation of the grouting pipe, the kneading part of the joint is large at both ends and small in the center, so that the joint is stuck at one time, avoiding the possibility of loose union. The grouting pipe has proper, stable and excellent s in terms of tensile pull-out and torque resistance, which is useful to avoid collision with conduits, vibrators, etc.San Rafael,The grouting pipe diffuses the load on it. When the reinforced soil is loaded, the grouting pipe has a high bond with the soil, and has a mutual embedding effect with the soil, showing better tensile performance. The tensile stress of the soil is transmitted to the grouting pipe, making the reinforced soil a tensile member which can change the stress from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction,San RafaelGrouting small conduit, spread the load stress evenly to a large base range, enhance the overall tensile strength of the soil, and effectively improve the stress distribution of the pavement structure. The strength of high tensile reinforced soil is far higher than that of unreinforced soil, greatly improving the bearing capacity of the soil.Grouting pipe grouting mainly improves the bearing capacity of piles from these two aspects Grouting is carried out through the grouting pipe embedded in the pile body. The slurry integrates the soil and slurry around the pile body through penetration, splitting and compaction so as to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the bearing layer of the pile body Especially for the ballast at the bottom of the pile, grouting can improve or eliminate the adverse effect of the ballast at the bottom of the pile on the end bearing capacity through the replacement, compaction and consolidation of the ballast by the slurry.II During the drilling process of the bored pile, there will be a certain gap between the pile retaining wall and the surrounding soil layer, which will lead to the decrease of the pile side friction and affect the bearing capacity of the pile When the grouting pipe is used at the pile end for grouting, the slurry will permeate,San RafaelSelf drilling hollow anchor manufacturer, fill and compact along the side of the pile under the pressure, so as to complete the replacement of the mud skin around the pile and the filling of the gap, such as greatly improving the pile side friction resistance The overhead type is a special rack installed at the bottom of the driving head and connected with the wellhead tensioning equipment.

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