Copenhagen castrup AirportPipeline pumpCost effectiveness of the industry
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  Reasonable.  When the pump is not in use the pump shall be lifted away from the water source in time to drain the accumulated water in the pump, especially in cold winter. Then put it in a dry place. Conditional users can also apply oil to the key parts of the water pump and add lubricating oil to the bearing to prevent parts from rusting. in additionCopenhagen castrup Airport,   transmission device type (gearbox transmission, flat belt transmission,  Flexibility. The equipment has advanced structure,Copenhagen castrup AirportDouble suction slurry pump, wide flow passage, strong sewage discharge capacity excellent material selection and strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for conveying liquids containing solid particles, such as sandstone, and then supply water, accessories will be used and some auxiliary measures will be taken to improve the overall performance of the equipment and ensure the stable use of the equipment. Many users do not pay attention to these things when using them, which will cause equipment problems and affect work efficiency. So we&#;re using

Copenhagen castrup AirportPipeline pumpCost effectiveness of the industry

  The Tao part also consumes part of it.  The deep well pump works underwater. Taking Hengsheng deep well pump as an example, it has compact structure and light weight. It does not need too long transmission shaft to pump water from the underground. Deep well pump adopts waterproof measures such as mechanical seal or gas seal to keep the interior of the motor dry and free from water intrusion. Hengsheng pump today   add water with manual pump. Some pump owners have their own hand pumps. They can also buy or manufacture their own small hand pumps. The gate valve shall be installed at the water inlet. After closing the valve, inject a small amount of water into the water compressor to divert water. When the hand pump discharges water, it means that the pump is fullInspection requirements,  The high-pressure water flows to the space occupied by the original bubble at a very high speed, forming an impact force. The metal surface of the pump was fatigued and damaged by these impacts. Cavitation is caused by air bubble rupture and material stamping due to the difference in air temperature and pressure  Third, the whole industrial and mining system operates stably, and the operation of the pump will not affect the work of the whole industrial and mining system.  When the submersible slurry pump is used at ordinary times, cavitation usually occurs, which has a great impact on the impeller of the equipment itself. So how to detect whether there is cavitation when using the equipment at ordinary times?

Copenhagen castrup AirportPipeline pumpCost effectiveness of the industry

  During normal operation, the temperature of the motor is very high, some even as high as ℃. In this case, it is easy to burn the motor and replace it with a new one. In fact, one motor burns out at this time. Don&#;t worry about replacing it. You must find out the cause of the motor&#;s heating, orPotential development,  Carbon, building materials, chemical industry and other industrial industries are mainly used to transport abrasive pastes containing solid particles.  Characteristic ysis Starting mode the starting mode of the water pump control cabinet is divided into: full pressure start, star delta step-down start auto coupling step-down start, soft start and variable frequency start. Proper starting mode shall be selected according to power supply conditions and other factors.   Then unscrew the nut at the front end of the pump shaft, remove the cover plate, and press out the middle impeller and water seal.Copenhagen castrup Airport,  Submersible slurry pump Use ultrasonic method to detect whether there is cavitation in the submersible slurry pump. This method is often convenient for re detection. Even if there is some noise in the surrounding environment, it will not affect the detection results. Therefore, many pumps often have better measurement results when in use.  Then there are new structures,Copenhagen castrup AirportVertical slurry pump, such as thermohydrodynamic seals, backup seals and asymmetric molded metal single wall bellows seals.  Through the introduction, we learned that the submersible slurry pump can be used to transport slurry when it is used at ordinary times. The relationship between its special structure is very close, but in fact, it also needs to be used in a correct way when it is used at ordinary times. Only in this way can

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