KefeldBordeauxThe improvement effect of the pattern
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Manual pump: When the system malfunctions, the manual pump can be operated to pump high-pressure oil to raise the car to the nearest floor positionWhen the wall bracket cannot meet the requirements of the construction site, it should be designed and calculated separately.Kefeld,.When the horizontal distance between the edge of the cage and the edge of the landing or between the cage and the landing door is greater than mm and there is no effective protection from other structures,The use of standard section connecting bolts should comply with the user manual and specification requirements.Drainage measures need to be considered around the foundation. (Drain the accumulated water on the foundation).To meet the needs of stage craftsmanship and layout; Product; In the music and dance theater stage arranged in a zigzag pattern, auxiliary lifting platforms are often arranged in front, back, left, and right of the main stage lifting platform. The side and rear auxiliary lifting platforms are used for the smooth opening of the side platform and rear vehicle turntable, while the front auxiliary lifting platform is used to place the rear vehicle turntable near the platform entrance. The leveling and lifting platform below the side platform and rear vehicle turntable can be used to level the platform after the side platform or rear vehicle turntable is driven out, so that the entire platform does not have a height difference ensuring the safety of the cast members.

KefeldBordeauxThe improvement effect of the pattern

The use of a lifting platform as a tool for storing performance blankets, soft scenery,KefeldWobzhe, etc. In some theaters, there is a soft scenery storage lifting platform located at an appropriate location on the stage for the storage of blankets,KefeldGlivenase, soft scenery, etc.Correct use can also greatly improve work efficiency. So how should it be used?Tank oil temperature protection: When the oil temperature in the tank exceeds the standard setting value, the oil temperature protection device sends a signal to suspend the use of the elevator. The elevator can only be started when the oil temperature dropstotal cost,Principle of electric elevator rotary valve: When the electric elevator rises, the rotary valve will automatically open. To close the plug valve,KefeldBergen operation zoom, it is necessary to first turn the handle to turn the plug to a degree position until it is closed, smooth lifting and low noise.Trustworthy,Many theaters use a lifting platform as a vertical transportation tool for goods. The rear of the main stage or the end of the side stage in many theaters are equipped with a set container transportation lifting platform, which is used to vertically transport items from the ground to a designated location or even the stage plane. The lifting platform of the music pool is often used for transporting movable seats, etc.The cargo is .m.In addition to ground protective fences, low level doors can be used. Low level doors should meet the following requirements: the height of the door should be between m and m. And there should be at least protective railings, a half height middle crossbar, and a toe board at least mm above the ground.Kefeld,Installation verticality deviation guide rail frame erection height, h/mH≤ H& gt; verticality deviation/mm≤ (/h≤ ≤ ≤ ≤ pairs of steel wire rope construction electric elevators the verticality deviation of the guide rail frame should not exceed (/) h.The verticality of the guide rail frame should meet the requirements of the specifications.With the continuous improvement of urbanization level in China, the number of high-rise buildings in urban areas has sharply increased, and the height of buildings has also continued to grow. This has created a demand for high-altitude lifting platform vehicles. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the domestic market and the public, efforts will inevitably be made to design and produce high-altitude lifting platform vehicles.

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