Tilstrop AirportAh slurry pumpHot issues in life
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it is necessary to check the water seal. If the water seal is bakelite and the wear is not too serious, you can place abrasive cloth on the glass or dry wood, and then grind the water seal of Boshan submersible slurry pump flat or turn it over for use. However, if the thrust rubber water seal is used, when  The higher the specific speed of submersible slurry pump, the smaller the allowable cutting amount of impeller diameter. In addition to the sealing effect, the auxiliary impeller of the submersible slurry pump can also reduce the axial force.Tilstrop Airport,Tilstrop AirportVertical heavy-duty slurry pump,   particle size (maximum and minimum) mm   Selection of pipeline diameter: the selection of pipeline shall consider the one-time purchase cost,  When this type of pump is used at ordinary times the pump and motor operate in a coaxial whole. When it runs, the motor shaft will drive the impeller of the pump to rotate, and then at this time, so that  Therefore, the stator winding will be burnt out due to excessive temperature rise.  According to the user&#;s requirements, the motor can add a variety of protection devices such as water inflow detection and overheating, so that the product can operate safely for a long time under adverse working conditions.

Tilstrop AirportAh slurry pumpHot issues in life

  It is occasionally found that there is insufficient liquid supply when using, so what are the reasons for this situation and how to deal with it.  The course can be stronger.   the water pipe shall be short, and the cavitation allowance of the device shall be greater than that of the pump. It is recommended to use the reverse charging installation method when transporting residues with high weight concentration.Let's see,Tilstrop AirportTwo stage slurry pump,   When adding lubricating oil to the pump at ordinary times, the metering must be controlled and the excess lubricating oil in the pump must be discharged and replaced regularly.   It may also be because the pump&#;s liquid supply pipe is blocked by other substances during normal use.   The submersible slurry pump usually relies on water cooling to dissipate heat. If the motor leaks out of the water without water cooling, the motor temperature will rise, so it is easy to burn out the motor.

Tilstrop AirportAh slurry pumpHot issues in life

  As an emerging product, the submersible slurry pump has many advantages, especially filling the gap in the application conditions of the traditional horizontal and vertical slurry pumps. At present, the application of the submersible slurry pump is gradually becoming more and more widespread, and the market recognition is continuously improving, especially meeting the needs of deep-water sand pumping and dredging. At present, the depth can reach meters.technical service,  Submersible slurry pump In addition, it must be used continuously during transportation. If there is an interval in the middle, it must be avoided that the interval is relatively long, so as to avoid the solidification of slurry in the pump when the operation is stopped.  The main shaft of the water pump is bent or the main shaft of the water pump and the motor is not concentric or parallel.   Assembly of rotor parts of submersible slurry pump Before assembly, apply a layer of lubricating oil on the mounting surface to protect the shaft hole from damage.Tilstrop Airport,   the front and rear bearing glands are equipped with oil seals,Tilstrop AirportPipeline pump body, which are padded with green paper or asbestos. There is a gap of .- mm between the rear gland and the bearing.  The above is the reason for the insufficient liquid supply of the water pump when it is in use, as well as the specific methods to deal with this situation. We should pay attention to the regular inspection of the equipment during normal use to ensure that it is in use   repair and level the welding part of the submersible slurry pump with a file, clean the part to be bound with alcohol again and wipe it dry.

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