HelionaHow much is 300x150 I-beam, 1 tonShowcase of craftsmanship
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fracture toughness, impact toughness and bending strength under different process conditions were compared, and then the heat treatment process of GCrMo was determined. Development and application of ZYS- bearing damping and antirust oil. Bearing is a new type of multial damping and antirust oil. It takes refined mineral oil as the base oil and is equipped with various additives such as antirust and antifriction. Through comparison test, matching test with lubricating grease and user test, it is proved that ZYS- bearing damping and antirust oil has outstanding damping effect and good antirust lubrication performance.Heliona,Speed up the construction progress: weld the mesh with reinforcement to allow the rapid construction of the project. The required laying of welded steel bars is provided, so concrete can be poured, steel cutting, stitching, etc., and the arrangement can be strengthened. ? saving construction time? The construction progress is greatly accelerated and the construction period is shortened.Performance parameters and application scope of I-beamEmmen,The shape of small longitudinal crack on the surface of alloy pipe is less than mm The overall width is less than mm The depth is lower than .mm.The finished product has smooth surface, low friction coefficient, flatness error + / - mm / m length wear resistance and maximum temperature of ℃Mixed Scabs are distributed periodically, and the situation after casting and rolling is significant through edge flame peeling crack inspection or billet scratch flame removal.

HelionaHow much is 300x150 I-beam, 1 tonShowcase of craftsmanship

The general alloy pipe with improved performance is variable and has high application value. The alloy pipe contains more Cr and is heat resistant Low temperature resistance Corrosion resistance. There is no aluminum alloy in plain carbon seamless steel pipe, not very little aluminum alloy, and the alloy pipe is used in crude oil Aerospace Chemical plant Power engineering heating furnace. Because the physical properties of alloy tubes are easy to change and adjust. Polished stainless steel pipes shall be subject to internal inspection and strict manual selection by the steel pipe quality inspector through metal detector (or hydrostatic test), and qualified products shall be packaged and delivered.Aiming at the connective tissue and texture produced in stainless steel plate Position and other crystal defects are generally removed by heat treatment processes such as quenching or quenching. The effect of quenching is to optimize the crystal, eliminate structural defects, improve plastic deformation, and also conducive to cold drawing. In the production and manufacture of cold drawn alloy pipe,HelionaHow much is the labor of galvanized pipe per meter, quenching machinery and equipment cannot be lacked. Therefore, the formulation of appropriate annealing process is a necessary condition to ensure that the alloy pipe mechanism meets the standard and the commodity does not crack. If the manufacturer in order to better one sidedness, reduce the product cost and reduce the quenching process, it will eventually lead to bad harm to the product quality.middlemanWhen it is used for ground heating and hot spring transportation, it can meet the requirements of refrigeration and achieve the practical effect of less damage. It is applicable to water conservancy engineering, mining and other industries to meet the provisions of cold, cold and corrosion prevention. In addition, the chemical raw material transmission pipeline has a wide indoor space. Miscellaneous scabPerformance parameters and application scope of I-beam

HelionaHow much is 300x150 I-beam,HelionaSteel pipe, 1 tonShowcase of craftsmanship

Function of I-beam: where is I-beam mainly used?Home page recommendation, Small longitudinal crackGalvanized pipe is a kind of light thin-walled steel pipe with hollow square section also known as steel cold-formed profile. It is a section steel with square section shape and size, which is made of Q hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip or coil as the base material, cold bending and high-frequency welding. In addition to wall thickness thickening, the corner size and edge flatness of hot rolled extra thick wall galvanized pipe reach or even exceed the level of resistance welding cold formed galvanized pipe.After determining the reasonable pickling agent and polishing solution, it is very easy to carry out hot galvanizing for relevant alloy pipes. Use 'phosphating treatment' to degrease the pipes of electrolytic machine equipment, put them into the aqueous solution with zinc salt after pickling and passivation, connect the negative level of electrolytic machine equipment, put them into the cold-rolled steel plate in the direction corresponding to the pipes, and connect the switching power supply, If the current flows from the positive stage to the negative stage, a layer of zinc is deposited in the pipe.Heliona,Dry processing technology: after passivation treatment, parts shall be dried with air compression or hot gas, or drying treatment or air drying can be selected.I-beam is a long strip steel with groove section, which belongs to carbon structural steel for construction and machinery. It is a section steel with complex section,HelionaDN25 welded pipe more than one meter, and its section shape is groove shape. China&#;s imports of I-beams are greater than its exports. The main producing areas are Tangshan Iron and steel, Baotou Iron and steel, Shangang, huangte, Maanshan Iron and steel, Xuanhua Iron and steel, etc.Defects of alloy pipe and solutions:

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