NuoElectric elevator factoryHow should the industry market go?
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The counterweight guide rail should meet the specification requirements.Vertical lead screw electric lifting mechanism: Adopting a lead screw transmission method, it can achieve the lifting of a double-layer tabletop. Multiple lifting platforms can be formed as needed, and different steps can be formed within the travel range to meet the needs of meetings and performances; Pavilion, Tower, Pavilion; Ideal props.Nuo,Precautions for safe use of electric elevators: Before use, remove any obstacles or debris near the electric elevator that may hinder operation, and check whether the operating handle can be used normally.Small safe operation distance: Circuit voltage (kV) of external power lines<~~~ Small safe operation distance (m) Setting requirements: A small safe distance should be maintained between the outer edge of the construction electric elevator and the edge of the external overhead power line.Yamoussoukro,Setting requirements: The spacing of wall brackets along the vertical direction should comply with the provisions of the user manual.A complete lifting platform accessory can be selected and customized according to different places, venues and environmental usage conditions. Meet the needs of different users. So why lifting platforms can be used and installed in so many industries and places is because they can achieve multi-purpose, demonstrate multifunctional, meet various different needs, and win market demand. In modern industrial transportation processes, lifting platforms have begun to play an increasingly important role,NuoElectric small elevator, whether in airports, docks,NuoElectric automatic elevator, warehouses, floors workshops and other places that require rapid loading and unloading of goods, they have played a very practical value, It has also brought great contributions to the entire industry and even the entire economic development. However, long-term operation and use of these devices inevitably lead to wear and consumption, and regular maintenance and upkeep are essential. Otherwise, both work efficiency and utilization rate will decrease, the gains and losses will outweigh the losses.The verticality of the guide rail frame should meet the requirements of the specifications.

NuoElectric elevator factoryHow should the industry market go?

Many theaters use a lifting platform as a vertical transportation tool for goods. The rear of the main stage or the end of the side stage in many theaters are equipped with a set container transportation lifting platform, which is used to vertically transport items from the ground to a designated location or even the stage plane. The lifting platform of the music pool is often used for transporting movable seats, etc.Correct use can also greatly improve work efficiency. So how should it be used?Civil engineering advantages: The pit depth of the guide rail type lifting platform is generally around -mm, and the top layer is not affected. It can be customized according to the location and environment.Latest quotation,As a material loading and unloading equipment recognized by customers in the lifting platform, the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform is superior in terms of product, civil engineering, and operating costs. The editor of the electric elevator will provide a detailed analysis: the advantages of the product are that the equipment bears a large load, can achieve multiple points, and can be controlled up and down floors to achieve safe use.Setting requirements: When the distance between the outer edge of the construction electric elevator and the external overhead power line cannot meet the requirements of a small safety distance, the protective measures taken should comply with the specification requirements.Setting requirements: The installation and dismantling workers, electricians, and other operators of construction electric elevators should have special construction operations.

NuoElectric elevator factoryHow should the industry market go?

Construction electric elevators should be equipped with cable guide frames and comply with regulatory requirements.production,Setting requirements: For construction electric elevators that operate in multiple shifts, and drivers should fill out the handover record form according to the standard requirements. The driver should conduct a pre shift inspection and confirm that there are no errors before starting the machine for operation.m; When the lifting speed is greater than .m/s, after the upper limit switch is triggered by the hanging cage, the upper small safety distance L should meet the following requirements: L=+.V, where L is the upper safety distance; V: Increase speedSetting requirements: The quality of the standard section should meet the requirements of the product manual. Before installing the construction electric elevator,NuoSmall car electric elevator, all components should be inspected, and standard sections and other components with severe wear and deformation should be replaced.Nuo,The distance between the electric hoist and overhead line in Electrical safety construction shall meet the specification requirements, otherwise protective measures shall be taken.Advantages of electric elevator rotary valve: Simplify the installation of electric elevator pipelines; The operation is more convenient, and the valve can be opened and closed at any time; The installation of a rotary valve reduces the friction of the sealing components; Compact structure small size, and space saving; Increased the service life of electric elevator pipelines and solved the problem of easy oil leakage.Setting requirements: The spacing of wall brackets along the vertical direction should comply with the provisions of the user manual.

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